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Limetracks helps businesses that are heading in the wrong direction because of a decrease in sales, poor cash flow or difficulties with borrowing. We work across the UK, particularly with small and medium-sized businesses.

We come on board before insolvency measures are put in place because we believe that every business can be put back on the right track.

Our team specialises in recovery solutions, negotiation with HMRC and funding. These three tools ensure that your business has the best chance of survival and decision-making power remains in the right hands.



Getting back on track isn’t always easy, but our team removes the baggage.
Our team finds solutions which benefit our client and their creditors alike. We work hard to reduce our client’s costs, stabilise cash flow and protect our client’s assets, employees, brand and reputation.


HMRC debt

We use our years of experience working with HMRC’s tax office to negotiate a structured repayment plan on our client’s behalf.
We put forward a bespoke repayment proposal to HMRC based on what the business can realistically afford. The staged repayments then allow our client to focus on more immediate outgoings such as wages, utilities and rent.



We have a network of high net worth individuals who are passionate about supporting businesses in financial difficulty.
We lend against a business’s assets, tailoring our lending solutions to the sector and needs of the business. We don’t use personal guarantees or credit checks, just an independent valuation of the assets. From there, it’s full steam ahead.
David Morgan, CEO

we understand what you’re going through

Our Founder and CEO, David Morgan, has been where you are now. His business was struggling and he didn’t know what to do. David went to his accountant for help and was referred to an insolvency practitioner – he lost more than his business.

This happens to people and their businesses every day, but it doesn’t have to.

After dusting himself off, David founded Limetracks so that other people didn’t need to go through the same thing. His team of professionals now has over six years of experience in helping businesses to recover.

If you feel like you don’t know where to turn, what to do next or how to solve your problems, talk to us.

Let’s fix it.

Their range of services is exceptional… when dealing with Limetracks, don’t hesitate to contact them, we have found them extremely helpful in every instance.

Lisa Tabor, Tax Debts Help and Advice

Limetracks has a 100% customer satisfaction rate which speaks for itself. We would have no hesitation in recommending Limetracks to anyone.

Brian Maloney, Brian Maloney & Co

As daunting as it is, struggling with business issues, it’s important to know there are those out there who genuinely wish to help and provide the best advice, based on client’s situations.

Lisa Tabor, Tax Debts Help and Advice

We know you’re under pressure. We know it’s tempting, but don’t bury your head in the sand or sweep anything under the carpet. Trust us, it’s not going to get better until you take the first step. Get in touch and let’s fix it.

Call us on 0800 433 7016 or click on the button below from your mobile device.


what next?
Start by giving us a call or filling out the short form at the bottom of the page for a call-back.
what happens after that?
First, we need to understand your business then we’ll talk through your options. We can come and visit you, free of charge, no matter where you are based. If you decide you would like to work with us, we can make a start immediately. Doors to solutions often close over time, so we work efficiently and quickly.
will anyone find out about my financial situation?
We appreciate the need for absolute confidentiality and discretion. We are happy to provide a non-disclosure agreement to reassure you from the very beginning.
what if I don’t have the money to pay for help?
Don’t let this stop you from getting in touch, we can work around your situation and find an affordable solution.
can you help with all struggling businesses?
There hasn’t been a business to date that we haven’t been able to help in some way.

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Our team will put you and your business first. We believe that every business can be turned around and we will work hard to make that a reality for you. Oh, and don’t worry about hidden fees or costs – we’re transparent and upfront about what it will cost to work with us.

Refreshing change? We think so.


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